Born in 1970 and raised in Swinton, Rotherham by his parents Nigel and Pat, Nigel had a happy childhood. He attended Swinton Comprehensive School where he left with 10 O-levels to work in scientific research engineering until his breakdown in 1998. He now lives by the river in the village of Bolton -on-Dearne, Barnsley. Now studying with the Open University towards an honours degree in Arts, he divides his time between his passions of archery, mountain biking, motorcycles and his faithful German Shepherd Toby. He is currently working on his fifth book “Terms of Engagement”.

Nigel’s book Life is Eximius Ordo was published by Olympia Publishers in 2016. The book is available to buy here. ┬áSome of the proceeds from sales are being donated to Creative Recovery, a Barnsley based charity that uses creativity to support recovery, boost wellbeing and create social change. Nigel collaborates with Creative Recovery regularly.