I’ve been busy folks….I’ve created a new book with the entire proceeds going to mental health charities. The charities are Mind, Bipolar UK, and Creative Recovery. Having been bipolar for 22 years now, I have been depressed and suicidal many times. In an attempt to extinguish the loneliness these emotional mood states can cause, I […]


Nos creare in plena

  Well, I cannot believe how fast and how much things have took off in such a short space of time! Currently I have seven projects on the go. I have a poem to read to celebrate the launch of volume two of “Barnsley Spoken Poets” in October 2019, for which I am on the […]

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I am so pleased I was able to perform for the first time in public on Thursday 4th July 2019 as part of Truth to Power movement, at Barnsley Civic theatre. I was so kindly asked by the director and founder Jeremy Goldstein and could not decline. Well, that was a steep learning curve. A […]

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Continuum…at last

It always strikes me as quite strange that “Life is Eximius Ordo” was never intended to be published at all, and most certainly never to be privy to have ever had any part of it read by anyone else’s eyes but my own. It seems to have grown well away from my learned coping mechanism […]

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Quote from Mary Temple on reviewing “Life is Eximius Ordo”- “Now I see why you sent the other book-modern poetry-and good modern poetry at that. thank-you very much. You undersell him on the back of the book!! I just thought they were diaries and being busy did not look too closely. I idly picked it […]

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You wouldn’t be the only one curious to find out what I’m going to write about. So am I. I hope I can go some distance away from my insecurities, and how that has affected my relationships with everyone I have ever met. I have severe difficulties communicating and connecting with others, hence I write […]

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