I am so pleased I was able to perform for the first time in public on Thursday 4th July 2019 as part of Truth to Power movement, at Barnsley Civic theatre. I was so kindly asked by the director and founder Jeremy Goldstein and could not decline. Well, that was a steep learning curve. A most enjoyable experience both in the reading and definitely in the show itself. I read “All Smoke and Mirrors”, for which I will link the original version at a later date but for now just search under my full name on YouTube and it should come up. I make no apology for it being nearly 8 minutes long, and to read it feels like it takes forever to do so! Hope you get the video being linked to the poem.

I said last time I was chasing publishing for the manuscript of the same title but have not got around to it yet until today. It goes off this morning…….


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