Nos creare in plena


Well, I cannot believe how fast and how much things have took off in such a short space of time! Currently I have seven projects on the go.

I have a poem to read to celebrate the launch of volume two of “Barnsley Spoken Poets” in October 2019, for which I am on the CD reciting “All Smoke and Mirrors” poem. Then in November I have a recital of “Grim up North?” which I wrote for a commission given to the fantastic Barnsley poet Jeff Platts, which he received from Barnsley Council .I hope the venues are packed it seems to give me a bigger buzz lol. Look out very soon for a couple more political poems going up on YouTube….as yet still search “Nigel Shaun Downing” as the wonderful Hayley Youell is currently busy on her own work in the music industry and when she has a moment to grab I will be shown how to link them directly from here..

Life has become too daft…..I’m the busiest and most happy I have ever been in my whole life, which is at last come into fruition! Who would have known that every single year of the last 21 years would be the insidious drag uphill? I’m just so glad I have been blessed with resilience through my faith.. A very scary time but hopefully life will be a little easier now, Light willing……

I’ve been in the habit of writing a poem with the title of the book since “All Smoke and Mirrors”, but chose to end my latest collection at the beginning of this year what with it being the closing of a door in my life and the start of a new chapter. Who would have thought that the downright most insidiously evil of women can slip into your life and purport themselves as an upright human being. What a cheek some people have! Thank God for karma!….Yet what a rich source of new material it can provide. What a chapter this new one is turning out to be! So I ended “Terms of Engagement” after a rather short 40 poems, after suitably writing  an observation on the morally corrupt having a seemingly easier time down here on Earth than the ones who follow a Creator they have to answer to. It came out like this-



If I am too honest,

I really do not care-

For you are just a standing person-

Stood there-with your stare,

If I am too honest,

Is it for you to see?

What length of time would you require?

Just to see the real of me.

For yes I may be honest,

But best kept so far in!


For you cannot look at me with level eyes,

As you cast your stare,

When all I see is lies-

Easy to see when you look at me,

Stood there!


No matter how hard you try,

My honesty cannot be paid for in cash,

Or plastic paid for,

For its rent,

For your judgement made so rash,

I’m paid for from up above-

Yes I am heaven sent.

Seems you forgot among your lies,

That YOU were once the same,

So place your blame within yourself,

For we walk down different lanes.

Mine is constantly winding,

And forever uphill,

While you choose a straight flat line,

Just to gather up cheap thrills.

For you will pine upon your death,

For a maker just like mine,

So I’m fine to die with a conscience clear,

To only have followed one so divine,

We’ve ALL had lessons within this life-

To test us for what’s inside,

I came with serious intent,

You came just for the ride-

So go while I walk oh so steep-


Go walk that level line.


So that’s how I chose to end “Terms of Engagement”, which will probably make sense to the reader when the manuscript eventually becomes a published book. I remember saying I would blog on here a couple more poems from “Life is Eximius Ordo”, which I will very soon. As I promised to myself, I have just started back at university studying the spoken and written word which at the moment is demanding but fun at the same time (one of the best decisions I’ve made so far ( which makes up for my recent catastrophes).

Please don’t be offended if it looks like I am ignoring your messages, I will eventually respond, but if I say that most days start at 4AM I’m sure you will see how things are.

I’m waiting to hear back from a publisher about “All Smoke and Mirrors” (first one on my list of publishers), but if I meet with rejection who cares? Such is life.

I’ll end this one here because of its length, just blogging the fact that I know I haven’t put much up of late but now you know why.

Many thanks for all your kind words and support, it fuels me.
















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