I’ve been busy folks….I’ve created a new book with the entire proceeds going to mental health charities. The charities are Mind, Bipolar UK, and Creative Recovery. Having been bipolar for 22 years now, I have been depressed and suicidal many times. In an attempt to extinguish the loneliness these emotional mood states can cause, I have put together a collection from over all those years. Starting with very dark thoughts through to glimmers of hope, then out the other side. The book is called “Stronger Than My Own demons” and is available anywhere but was launched on Amazon and now available as a paperback.

Suicide and depression are states of mind that need talking about more. There’s still too much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the subject. Although I am totally balanced at the moment, I do not know when my next downward cycle will be experienced. Neither do I know how long it will last. To say it is a challenging condition to live with is somewhat of an understatement. The recent passing of one of my parents didn’t do much to help my disorder, but as I say I am at present in good health.

I am hoping that my plans for the book go the way I wish them to go and only time will tell. Supporting 3 charities will keep me quite busy but there’s also some open mike nights on the horizon so there’s some fun to be had.

I’d be grateful to anyone who purchases the book, or for those who share the fact it exists.

Hopefully there will be more news soon…..but until then take care….


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